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    How old are you? 19

    Do you have a microphone?
    Yes, I have a microphone (headset)

    What is your in-game name?

    What TimeZone are you in? UTC-07:00

    How many hours daily/weekly are you able to contribute to the network?
    Daily i can contribute about 3-4 hours, depending on workload and school/homework weekly probably 20~(most from weekend)

    Have you had any previous experience being a staff member? If so please list server, position held and what you were doing, please note that you might have to provide proof.
    I have been an Admin on a server called CoreCraft, then resigned due having started school again, then re-applied for staff again and was accepted, currently Snr-Mod rank. Proof can be provided.

    Why are you applying for a staff position on Vanity?
    I've seen a few staff but non have been on when I've seen the hackers on. I understand they cant be on 24/7, people have lives, but when I'am on(night for me) there are a few people on, some need help and hackers pop up once in a while and cause a lot of damage to those that aren't aware and I'd just like to help with what I can, when I can.

    Why should we pick you over all the other applicants?
    I provide experience from staffing, I can screenshare those that are reported, suspected of by others, I have used and anydesk for screensharing. I have patience when dealing with "difficult" members. Not biased if they are ranked or my friends, everyone is the same when being punished. I'am mature and I can handle myself in ALMOST any situation that's within my powers, I know my limits and wont try to do everything myself when I know I cannot.

    Any additional information? If anything sounds condescending or if I'am shitting on the current staff, it wasn't intentional, that's not what I'am going for nor am I implying it in anyway if someone does feel offended.

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