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    The management team here at Vanity are always looking to recruit new professional staff members to help out the community and the Network as a whole.

    Before applying, please join the VanityPvP Discord:

    The application stage is one of the most important stages of becoming a staff member on the network, make sure your application has enough detail put into it for a bigger chance of acceptance. Forums activity is important when applying for staff. When you've decided to post your application please be patient and wait for it to be reviewed. If you haven't read the application rules already please do before applying, it can be read here.

    If your application has been accepted you will be asked to join Discord for an interview. This stage is the most important stage, here you will be asked several questions and you will be put into several scenarios, if you do well during the interview you will be granted the Helper rank. If you don't do well in the interview, unfortunately, you will not become a staff member on the network. However, you are free to re-apply after a week for another chance.

    How old are you?
    Do you have a microphone?
    What is your in-game name?
    What TimeZone are you in?
    How many hours daily/weekly are you able to contribute to the network?
    Have you had any previous experience being a staff member? If so please list server, position held and what you were doing, please note that you might have to provide proof.
    Why are you applying for a staff position on Vanity?
    Why should we pick you over all the other applicants?
    Any additional information?

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