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    How old are you? 14:yes
    What is your in-game name:YT_JakeHD
    do u have a microphone: yes
    What TimeZone are you in London gtm 10:16pm narmal time
    How many hours daily/weekly are you able to contribute to the network:5-10 houres
    Have you had any previous experience being a staff member? If so please list server, position held and what you were doing, please note that you might have to provide proof I been staff on a server called fatalpvp.serv/nu for about 3 years and a server called tropicalmc I am head-admin on it I have a lot of staff experincce I
    Why are you applying for a staff position on Vanity: I awayse wanted to help out a big progress server and I wanted to help out a lot if I am staff would catch hackers dupers and ect il ben online for a very long time I am a very nice player I will know when a player is hacking then il ss them
    Why should we pick you over all the other applicants:: because I think that I am the most active player on the srver ill be playing on here to 5-10 hours and ill be very helpful to a lot of players/member I can multy task so I can deal with a lot of players at a time and I am very funny nice person
    Any additional information: TY for reading hope u enjopy
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    Things you sound add- Color to the questions, longer staff application, and check you spelling.

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