Impending Reset For Map #1

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    Hello, I'm proud to present our reset date and other details pertaining to it. Congratulations to everyone who has made it through our bugs, glitches, and crashes. I know it hasn't been easy but for Map #2 We will have a full beta testing to balance out the economy and fix any bugs or glitches!

    Upcoming Dates

    August 16st - World Download Enabled To Raid Unclaimed Vaults
    August 24st - All Spawners will have to be removed from your pvs
    (After the 24th any spawners left if your pvs will be stuck.)
    August 31st - Ftop Prizes will be chosen at 12 pm EST
    September 1-2 - Purge

    - Factions Disbanded
    - Free Custom Enchanted Gear
    - Many Events To Win Ranks/Gkits/Buycraft Money
    - All Hacked Client Allowed
    - Anti Cheat Will Still Remain
    September 2nd - Map #2 Releases*
    September 9th - TnT Enabled


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