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    How old are you? I am currently 17 years old and I am almost 18 just a little bit longer to wait
    Do you have a microphone? Yes I do have a microphone that I can use to speak to the amazing players and staff all throughout the server. I have discord, Skype and teamspeak cause you can never be too sure. Plus I am able to download other apps depending who staff communicate on here.
    What is your in-game name? My ingame name is FoPho but many people may know me by my nickname RanD. (Remember the capital D at the end)
    What TimeZone are you in? I am from the beautiful Great Britain so therefore I am GMT. (Currently BST)
    How many hours daily/weekly are you able to contribute to the network? Well lets put it this way I'm currently on 36 thousand minutes (Alot) so you can tell I'm on most of the time as you can tell by the fact people don't like me because I get so rich (But for real currently about 5-6 hours a day at-least but when I go back to school in September I will have to reduce that down to about 3-4 hours.
    Have you had any previous experience being a staff member? If so please list server, position held and what you were doing, please note that you might have to provide proof. Whilst yes I have been staff members on many of servers there is various reasons why I no longer hold them positions, For starters I have been pretty much every role you could think of on a server apart from full paying owner. I have been admins before servers have been re-released when I would be helping out making sure that the server is fine and i would bug test, I would also do things on the server i.e. help people around the server I would perform restarts if the server required it. I would also have the final say when it came to people playing on the server whether they should be banned or not due to a magnitude of reasons cough hackers cough. Then I held positions as moderators in these positions I would be more of a chat moderator and on smaller servers maybe help out with building and other general things. There were times where I would need to calm the chat down and make sure everyone would just shut up and take a break (Before the days of [item]). Then there was the basic helper roles which would be like any normal server with the minor commands /kick /tempban /mute all the good stuff that would help out the chat and stop people being so toxic. But getting back to the reasons why I'm not longer staff this is because on the vast majority of the servers I played on where smaller servers about the size of vanity with maybe a few less average, I never applied for bigger servers because I was lazy and it would normally be taken over by the Youtubers friends which would just defy the whole point. Then due to these servers being small they would often get shut down (Before days of EULA) as they wouldn't have a great enough income. There was also a few which I would have simply quit due to the staff and server owners not caring about the server that they were running as they would leave it for weeks at a time and the activity of players would just decline (Please don't do that).
    Why are you applying for a staff position on Vanity? I am applying for staff on vanity because I need a new challenge and you need more active staff who can help out around the place. I also think that having someone like me as staff would calm the chat down a lot as I wouldn't be in there rambling on annoying players but I would be there helping new players enjoy the server and allowing older players to keep on the daily grind by removing the toxicity in chat which they waste so much time trying to defuse.
    Why should we pick you over all the other applicants? I personally think you should pick me because you are getting all these new players joining the server applying for helper not knowing the first thing about it. But if you get me on the staff team I will be able to lead them players onto victory and you never know I might one day be the guy that set up a know OG player with his first few tips and tricks to the server.
    Any additional information? I would like to add that whilst there are some sentences that sound sarky and maybe a little bit rude I did not intend it to be that way its just how I express myself.

    Peace, Love and prosperity.
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    Please contact me on discord for an interview.

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