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    Hello, Anthony here glad to inform you guys that our website is now Online! Please follow the rules and read through them. Staff will enforce all the rules starting today! Hope you guys enjoy the design and all the support we are giving. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

    You can find the Rules and guidelines in this forums area. This will give you all the rules for our website & server. Please read carefully and understand them. If you do not read them and get punished it is not our problem.

    Want to support the server & Gain rewards? Well, you can find our voting links in this forums area. Click the link below and you can vote for all 5 of our voting links & get some nice rewards to help your factions.

    Donation Issues
    Have a problem with a Donation? Such as buying an item but never received the item? Please click on the link and it will direct you where to get this solved.

    Media/Art Showcase
    Did you create some Picture or videos on our server? Please only talk about pictures or videos in this area. You can link or talk about videos in this section. Click down below to go directly to it.

    Are you looking to trade your items or even sell them? Just create a thread in this section and someone who is looking to buy or trade will comment on your thread.

    Report Staff
    Staff abuse is NOT tolerated at all. If you see a staff abuse his/her power please report them in this area.

    Report Players
    See a hacker or a player breaking our rules? You can report them in this section. Staff will find the threads and will punish the user.

    Do you think you have what it takes to be a Helper? or maybe you just want to be one of our YouTubers or streamers. Please fill out the format and sometimes a staff will get back to you. Please read the guidelines carefully.

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