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    How old are you?
    As of right now I am sixteen years old.
    Do you have a microphone?
    What is your in-game name?

    What TimeZone are you in?

    How many hours daily/weekly are you able to contribute to the network?
    Around twenty four hours weekly.
    Have you had any previous experience being a staff member? If so please list server, position held
    and what you were doing, please note that you might have to provide proof.

    I have been a moderator for a previous server, this server name is called CoreCraft. Violators can vouch.
    Why are you applying for a staff position on Vanity?
    I feel that my position as staff could mean a lesser unfair loss of gear for players via hackers. I also haven't seen very many hackers be banned, or at the very least someone being screenshared.
    Why should we pick you over all the other applicants?
    You should pick me over others because of my experience of being staff for over 3 years. The amount of hours I contribute also makes me a viable option for being staff.
    Any additional information?
    I'd like to be an English major when I get into college, so arguing shouldn't be too much of a hassle when it comes to players that don't know better, or that just need help in general. I'm a pretty nice person and you'll come to like me if I become accepted.

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