Hey all!

Just would like to share proof of ftop being paid out. The winners were...

1. Sex (ItsMuffin)
2. FoDahHoe (FoPho)
3. Euphoria (Jofuze)


Enjoy and spend the money wisely :p
Hello, I'm proud to present our reset date and other details pertaining to it. Congratulations to everyone who has made it through our bugs, glitches, and crashes. I know it hasn't been easy but for Map #2 We will have a full beta testing to balance out the economy and fix any bugs or glitches!

Upcoming Dates

August 16st - World Download Enabled To Raid Unclaimed Vaults
August 24st - All Spawners will have to be removed from your pvs
(After the 24th any spawners left if your pvs will be stuck.)
August 31st - Ftop Prizes will be chosen at 12 pm EST
September 1-2 - Purge

- Factions Disbanded
- Free Custom Enchanted Gear
- Many Events To Win Ranks/Gkits/Buycraft Money
- All Hacked Client Allowed
- Anti Cheat Will Still Remain
September 2nd - Map #2 Releases*
September 9th - TnT Enabled


Top Voters of July 2017

The top 3 voters of every month receive buycraft credit to our store.
GeneralOver - 121 votes (20$)
OgamiRei - 105 votes (15$)
NobleChild/ICodePanda - 92 votes (10$) - 5$ each

Reward codes have been mailed out to the winners!

Thank you to all those who voted and good luck to the top voters of August!​
Hello to the great players of Vanitypvp.

In the near future, we will be upgrading the server to
reduce some of the recent lag spikes that have been occurring.

Recently I have stumbled across a Spawner Upgrade Plugin.
This plugin is fully customizable
- Omni Spawners
- Spawner Boosters
- Spawner Upgrades
- Stackable Spawners
And more

They will cost money or XP to upgrade, I haven't decided yet.
Please vote and comment below.

Greetings vanity,

I'm just making this announcement regarding the demotion of our past manager Vxzo as well as some other corrupt staff that had been accepted. I would like the transparency to be kept between the administration team as well as the community. I will not be hiding anything from anyone, as well as if you have more questions regarding this post, command below!

At about 9am EST Vxzo without informing any other admin nor the owners had resigned. Here is proof that he had resigned himself. (https://gyazo.com/d5b014176a4c73b22cc5dbc1901d5431)

As well as numerous players who have helped us with advertising and staffing the server had turned on us. Qutz was a helper as well as Jqws was a youtuber and helper for the server. Jqws made 4 videos on the server. Both players have been blacklisted from vanity.

My last note would be, that it is true that we are looking for a manager although that the final candidate will remain unknown until The_Creepster and I can truly decide the most professional player to replace the managers spot.

Staff Changelog

Cancier > Admin
IForgotMyName_ > Helper

Any other questions regarding this incident can be answered below...Cheers!​
With the addition of TNT to the server players have been asking if creepers blow up obsidian and they are not fond that they don't. Please vote with your opinion.

Hello, Anthony here glad to inform you guys that our website is now Online! Please follow the rules and read through them. Staff will enforce all the rules starting today! Hope you guys enjoy the design and all the support we are giving. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

You can find the Rules and guidelines in this forums area. This will give you all the rules for our website & server. Please read carefully and understand them. If you do not read them and get punished it is not our problem.


Want to support the server & Gain rewards? Well, you can find our voting links in this forums area. Click the link below and you can vote for all 5 of our voting links & get some nice rewards to help your factions.


Donation Issues
Have a problem with a Donation? Such as buying an item but never received the item? Please click on the link and it will direct you where to get this solved.


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